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2008-06-01 00:29:19 by quayquay17

THAT was a productive day, i uploaded a song and a flash.

the song was good, the flash mediocre.

dont expect more flashes, my trial is up xD

expect far more songs! =D


2008-05-05 20:28:35 by quayquay17

flash flash flash.

im on the 30 day trial.

yeah, pressure.

anyways, ive had it since yesterday afternoon and i have exactly... 4 seconds of my project completed

anyways, if anyone has some money burning a hole in their pocket donations would be appreciated much. yes, i realize i wont get any, but if i do, i shall put thine name in the movie, aaand credits.





2008-04-13 00:57:19 by quayquay17


yeah, wacom bamboo...

much fun! meanwhile read my blog:

help me out here

2008-04-01 23:18:48 by quayquay17

and 0 bomb this:

it needs to be deleted, i hate it. i work so hard to include children with downsyndrome, including my brother, they can learn fine if we accept them as humans, not single them out as hilarious or stupid.

so, help me out here


2008-03-16 15:03:43 by quayquay17

our website is up:

its still being worked on but it IS fully functional, we kinda forgot about the links page though =P

go there!

watch HPI and HPII!!!!

donate and save hairy potty!


well then...

2007-12-29 20:20:44 by quayquay17

christmas was sweet..

i got a 10.1 megapixel camera with a water resistant case (so i can take pictures when i go scuba diving/snorkeling)

and a wi-fi detecting t-shirt..

also for those of you who dont know me, you should go see the video hairy pirates (the sequel is out too!) head on over to, my apologies for the popups, but its a free host, im too lazy to pay for now

anyways... life is good. and i love you flannery!